Scout and Guides


Scout and Guides

Scout and guide is the larjest uniformed organisation of children in the world.Its main principle is love,credibility and protection of nature.It was established by LOARD BARDON POWEL in 1907.Now it is spreading over more than 185 contries.

It arranges different camps for children.Some verieties of it are CUB, BULBUL, SCOUT & GUIDE, ROVER, RANGER, There are six stages in scouts they are Prevesh, Prathama, Dhithiya,Thrithiya, Rajyapuraskar, Rashtrapathipuraskar.

The experience from the cambs help the child to improve his personality. It inculcates national integration, tolerance, creadibility and brother hood all among childron. It teachers us to honour others, Loyalty, Unity and co.peration are also imfited in it. Man over a child will be disciplined in his life,that is the very essence of it. As a result, he is able to face the hardships and difficulties in his life.

The scout troop in our school is functioning well. It becomes No.27th Wayanad. There are 32 members in it. It functions with the instruchor or scout master under the leadership of troop leader and petrol leader and participats actively in co.curricular activities of this school. Whatever functions are there in our school.Our members are ready to help them.They are model to others, They behave politly and respectfully. They obey others.They preserved nature by planting and narturing more and more trees around the school. Now they have arranged a beautyful garden in the patrol corner. They said firmly no to plastics in the school and every day they clean the school and make the surroundings spike and span.

Our members Arun krishnan, Sijo jose and manu thomas became the Rashtrapathi scouts and 12 others on Rajyapuraskar scouts. They got 5% grace marks in S.S.L.C exam. Now our 11 students are preparing for rajyapuraskar test. On teachers day(sept-5th) all the scout members are in their uniforms and honour all the teachers in the assembly by offering bouquets to them. Thus scout and guide give the opportunity to devlep the qualites of mutual love, respect' obedience, cummunal harmony and national integration.